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A few colorful streets, lots of bikes, happy people, intimacy, nature and style, the composition of city life, the most beautiful hygge! I write these lines for Copenhagen, where I have given the title of “my favorite city in Europe” with all my heart. For a great trip, let’s teleport to Denmark and read my Copenhagen Travel Guide.

I’ve been to all that European city, but I fell in love with Copenhagen..

How Many Days To Visit Copenhagen?

It is ideal to have 3 full days to visit Copenhagen. Even if you have 4 days, you can easily fill it. Because after all, there’s a Tivoli Park fact! You are in a city that is home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. If you have a Schengen visa, go on the road!copenhagen-travel-guide

What Season Do You Go To Copenhagen?

As someone who spent an incredibly enjoyable time in Copenhagen in a sunny May, I can tell you that please arrange your trip, such as late spring or early autumn, and don’t go out on Nordics in winter. It’ll be nice in the summer, but maybe a little more crowded. As someone who has been to Scandinavian countries in the winter, I am very pleased with my decision to go in May. Don’t forget, the weather is in direct proportion to your love of the city in the North countries!


Where To Stay In Copenhagen?

Our neighbourhoods in Copenhagen are Norrebro, Osterbro, Vesterbro. But you should know that once you have your bike on your trip to Copenhagen, you can stay in any neighborhood. We rent houses cheaply overnight, making Airbnb in Norrebro, the place for immigrants, relatively cheap. Accommodation in Copenhagen is overpriced! For this reason you might consider Airbnb or Couchsurfing instead of hotels.

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Transport Equals Cycling In Copenhagen

In the perfect city of Copenhagen, where you can get extremely easy access from the airport to the city centre, you can find yourself in the Centre, Norreport station, in 15-20 minutes using the single metro.

If you follow my advice and rent a bike in this city, you will increase the quality of your trip and the focus of your experience by 500%!

We rented our bikes to 75 krona per person per day (DKK) from bike shops where you can see them everywhere on the trail.We didn’t even take the bus or the subway 1 time, we went all over the city. If you say you can’t ride a bike, the daily subway tickets are around 80 kronor. And finally remember that if you rent a bike the rules are very strict. On turns, raise your hand and Signal, never run a red light. Otherwise, he has a fine of around 2,000 kronor. If you draw a bike path through Google Maps, you will find that alternative routes are very easy and fast.

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Copenhagen Trip Budget – Is Copenhagen Expensive?

It’s expensive from most countries in Europe because of the North, because of Scandinavia, because of the Nordics, because the level of prosperity is in space! Yet a few months ago I was much more tired in the sense of cost on my trip to Stockholm, Iceland, Sweden, because there are many street food options that you can eat and drink relatively appropriately, at least in Copenhagen. I’ll tell you all about it in the rest of the article and give you Affordable suggestions.

copenhagen travel guide

  • Copenhagen accommodation: 200 USD two people 2 days whole house
  • Transport to Copenhagen: 30 USD per person 2-day bike rental
  • Copenhagen food and drink: 3 full days per person from USD 100

In a nutshell, the entire trip to Copenhagen costs 2 people 3 days airfare, accommodation, food and drink all inclusive 400 USD. I don’t think it’s bad for an overpriced city like Copenhagen.

ccopenhagen travel guide

Some Information About This Area

  • Hygge’s philosophy is to embrace your environment, life in a cozy, warm, sympathetic, happy concept! Even with your behavior towards people, you can live life with a Hygge head. This term also exists in Norwegians but they do not apply to everyday life like Danes.
  • Carlsberg and Tuborg Danish beers. I’ve been a Tuborgian forever!
  • Beerbike is an experience event where you can drink beer using your bike and you can enjoy it incredibly. We couldn’t do it because it was a little underpriced, but I was gutted.
  • Boat tours are among the activities that can be done. The collective ones I think are incredibly touristy, I didn’t want to. But there are a few people who turn off the boat and take it with them for food and drink and hang out in picnic mode, they’re fantastic. Of course experience equals money money money!
  • Skol says here, ” cheers!” say.
  • Toy Lego belong to Denmark and even surpassed Barbie, the most sold toy in the world, with Lego’s latest film.

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